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Marketsite (msad)   provides  opportunity of your Own free Business Profile and Web page with Graphics Design & SEO Service. Business Ads and Profiles and web page , website Development, Free Business Directory ,blogging , multiple images and video, social media links and  campaign support with a basic free listing .

Free digital ad placing & Local Business Listing Directory  in India and other country ,Its is Online Local Advertising for Business or your Profile .we  provides a simple solution to the complications involved in Business profile, Business featured,  selling, buying, trading and meeting people near you.  Easily list your business with advertising plans ranging from our free Local Basic Listing plan to maximum exposure to attract clients.

We are only charging Rs.1500/-($20) for one time When you would like to make a Web page with Graphics design view with SEO Publishing and full support for one Year .  Renewal charge Rs. 500/- yearly. 

Marketsite     makes it easy to create and update your business listing — so you can stand out, and bring customers in to Business. Your listing appears right when people are searching for your business .
It’s very easy to post an ad on marketsite.in and works just like the ads in the local newspaper. To post a free  ad now, simply choose your city or click on menu  tab ‘ad listing Form’.

 you will have business and you want place your business  online business directory in marketsite.in  for local better exposure .

You are Getting  the TOP POSITION on Google Search .

Online business opportunities on marketsite

The many opportunities of online business include:

  1.   Global access, 24 hours a day,
  2.   Improved client service through greater flexibility
  3.   Cost savings
  4.   Faster delivery of products
  5.   Increased professionalism
  6.   Opportunities to manage your business from anywhere in the world.
  7.   Customers may prefer to visit your website to find out about your products and services,
  8.   How you manage your business online will depend on the products or services you offer.
  9.   You be able to use the internet to place add on site:
  1.   Run an online shop
  2.   Manage your suppliers
  3.   Communicate with your customers, and
  4.   Get their feedback on your business
  5.   Offer services online
  6.   Allow customers to make reservations or appointments online

Digital Marketing Services


you’re promoting your business online, search is probably a part of your digital marketing today. People must be able to find you during that almighty search, better known as the “moment of truth”. Search campaigns (or SEM) reach your target when you need it most - during the purchase process.

Social media advertising campaigns

No matter the platform, there is ample opportunity for marketers just like you to be a part of the conversation and reap the benefits. Prepare to take advantage of the power of social data, reach your ideal target,

Content Marketing

it is indeed king. It’s what powers brand engagement and response. It’s what breaks through the daily messages your prospects are bombarded with. Content makes the difference. Content has the capacity to resonate closely with your audience, because it is tailored specifically to their needs and interests.

Display and video Advertising

Display and video are cornerstones of the digital media landscape. Consumers are online, well, consuming. Consuming video at a rapid place, snacking on lots of cat videos.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO

93% of your customers' online experiences begin with search. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what makes your website most visible at the top of the search engine results page (SERP to search geeks). Google, Yahoo! and Bing organic, and non-paid rankings are crucial to your web visibility.

Email marketing

As part of a multi-faceted digital marketing program, email marketing turns prospects into customers... and keeps customers coming back for more. We build auto-triggered email touchpoints, based on performance data, for the right audiences to receive the right offer at just the right time

Marketsite.in connects people with great local businesses.

Our users have contributed every type of local business, from restaurants, boutiques and salons to dentists, mechanics, plumbers and more. 

Indoor & outdoor

Our business revolves around the connections made between the consumers who read and write reviews and the local businesses that they describe

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